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Joyful World Playschools

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July 5, 2018
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Joyful World Playschools
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09:00 am - 06:00 pm
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Joyful World Playschools is Playgroups Nursery Schools Pre Nursery Schools has successfully hoisted the green flags in connecting technology to preschool education and introducing the idea of edutainment in the classroom curriculum.We, as the education guardians of our country, are resolved towards our duty to nurture the little tots with an exact recipe of an emotional, social, value-based, cognitive, and intellectual blend of learning. We are developing a child to withstand the competitive spirit.
According to our mentors, childhood is the most crucial age in the life of a human being and it shapes as per the strokes. It depends on the personal end to stroke the childhood in a correct manner for giving it a concrete shape to enlighten the future of the tiny tots. Along with our technical empanelment source, Prismart, we have reached a level of complete improvisation in the regular playschool curriculum with Prismart Smart Classes, AR, VR, and Robotime to make learning a better and more fulfilled experience for kids
Our preschool platform provides an open arena to indulge children in the recreational activities with a perfect blend of technology and education. The unique pedagogy along with state-of-the-art infrastructure makes learning at Bachpan distinctive and productive.

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