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Deepa's Reading Room

Posted On :
July 5, 2018
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Title                        :
Deepa's Reading Room
Speciality               :
Libraries Reading Rooms Reading Libraries
Timings                 :
6.00 AM TO 11.00 PM
Business Description :

Reading is an integral part of our daily work lives. It is true that the more one reads the more one becomes better at it. But unfortunately people are unable to read because of their hectic schedule, lack of time and lack of a sophisticated place.

Taking all this in mind we introduce to you Deepa's Reading Room, A Place of hope, the best place to read to your hearts content.

This is the first Corporate Reading Room in India. And we r in 4 cities currently

Deepa's Reading Room head office is located at #10-3-8/3, Opp.Sampath Vinayaka Temple Asilmatta, its a place free of any distractions and this study center is really catching up in Visakhapatnam. And we have Branches in all over the State like Warangal, Kakinada, Vijayawada. It has certain unique state of art facilities much to the envy of other reading centers. We have Individuals Cabins (A/c and Non A/c), Pleasant Interiors, Laptop with Wifi Internet, Powerpack Up, Mineral Water/ Tea/ Coffee/ Snacks Supply, Hostel, Lunch and Dinner Facility all these make you relaxed and provide you the much needed concentration for reading.

Landmark           :

Near Novotel Hotel

Address               :

2(B), Plot No 3., Road 12, Bharathi Nagar, Vijayawada - 520008, Near Novotel Hotel

Contact Person Details 
Name       :
Deepa's Reading Room
Mobile No  :
Email           :
Website      :
+91 9152638125
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Sophie Pearl   2 days ago



Super easy recipe and quick crowd

Sophie Pearl   2 days ago



Super easy recipe and quick crowd

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